What happens if India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2023 match is washed out due to rain?

‘Are you ready?’ These iconic three words, made famous by the legendary WWE stable ‘D-Generation X,’ hold a greater significance today than ever before.

In cricket, there is none bigger rivalry than India vs Pakistan – don’t let anyone tell you anything otherwise – and Saturday will mark a fresh chapter in this historic battle as the two teams take center-stage in the biggest multi-nation tournament of the sub-continent: The Asia Cup 2023. While India and Pakistan have engaged in a few battles lately in T20Is, the electricity in the atmosphere promises to escalate a notch higher as this will be the first time since the 2019 World Cup that the two teams are competing against each other in an ODI.

However, there is a bummer, and it goes by the name of rain. The weather during August-September usually witnesses a decent amount of rainfall in Sri Lanka and unfortunately, Saturday’s forecast isn’t too promising. According to reports, there is a 94 percent chance of precipitation, with an additional 27 percent likelihood of thunderstorms. The timing of this weather forecast is particularly unfavourable, spanning from 8 AM in the morning through mid-afternoon. As it currently stands, the match may experience a delayed start, and even if the weather conditions improve, it seems likely to be one of those frustrating start-stop days.

With that said, there is a glimmer of hope, albeit a small one. The weather forecast for Friday predicted an 80 percent chance of showers, but Kandy, the venue for the game, saw minimal rainfall – the Indian team even underwent a practice session. If this recent pattern holds, there is room for optimism, although relying solely on it might not be the wisest decision. Additionally, consider this interesting titbit: Last year’s T20 World Cup match between these two teams was also threatened by rain, but fortunately, the weather held off, and fans were treated to a full 40-over India vs Pakistan classic. However, if Saturday aligns with the weather forecast, a match of the magnitude of India vs Pakistan being washed out due to rain would lead to the ultimate anti-climax.

What happens if the match is washed out

This leads us to a dreaded scenario: What fate awaits India and Pakistan if the game is washed out, and how will it impact their chances of qualifying for the Super 4 stage? Firstly, in the event of adverse weather affecting the India-Pakistan clash, both teams must complete a minimum of 20 overs for a valid result. If the side batting second encounters interruptions, impeding their ability to finish their allotted overs, the runs scored by the team batting first will be adjusted based on the remaining overs assigned to the team batting second. Furthermore, even if the match experiences a delayed start, it may be trimmed down to a 30 or 20-over per side contest, depending on the extent of rainfall and time lost.

Secondly, in the unfortunate event of a washout, both teams will receive one point each. This outcome would secure Pakistan’s spot in the semi-finals, placing India in a high-stakes do-or-die situation: they must defeat Nepal to advance or face elimination. Given that Pakistan had already defeated Nepal in the tournament opener, a washout would elevate their total points to 3, while India, commencing their campaign on Saturday, would have just 1 point. While defeating Nepal shouldn’t be a problem for Rohit Sharma and his men, cricket has time and again unfolded its share of unexpected twists

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