Telangana: Firefighter falls sick after inhaling chlorine..

Karimnagar: A Fire & Rescue Services personnel fell sick after inhaling chlorine that leaked from a cylinder at the Mission Bhagiratha 36 LMD water treatment plant on the outskirts of Karimnagar on Saturday.

The chlorine gas had spread due to the leakage in the connection. Besides alerting inmates of the regional sports school as well as the pharmacy college, officials of the Municipal Corporation of Karimnagar called in the Fire & Rescue Services and the police, who rushed to the spot.

As they were trying to stop the gas from spreading, one of the personnel fell sick after inhaling the gas and was rushed to hospital.

Mayor Y Sunil Rao along with Commissioner Praful Desai visited the filter bed and enquired about the situation. He said all measures were taken to check the leakage of gas in future.

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