Posters comparing Congress, Telangana regimes surface in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: A day after posing questions on the Congress party’s failures in fulfilling the promises made to Telangana, posters comparing the welfare schemes in Congress ruled States and Telangana have surfaced in different areas in the city on Sunday.

The Congress Working Committee’s meeting is underway in the city and a public meeting is scheduled in the evening to announce poll promises to the people. Congress Parliamentary party president Sonia Gandhi will be declaring the ‘Guarantees’ at the meeting.

Amidst these meetings, posters reading a headline “Corrupt Congress Model – Correct BRS model” have been put up in different areas. These posters compare the difference in the benefits being extended to beneficiaries in Congress ruled States and in Telangana.

One poster compares the power supply scenario to farmers in Telangana and other States. While Telangana extends 24 hours free power to farmers, their counterparts in Congress ruled States like Rajasthan, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Chattisgarh, do not get such benefit.

Similarly, Telangana extends life insurance coverage of Rs.5 lakh to farmers, while no such insurance benefits are extended in Rajasthan, Karnataka, Chattisgarh or Rajasthan.

Another poster compares the pension extended to differently abled persons. In Rajasthan it is Rs.1250, Himachal Pradesh Rs.1300, Chattisgarh Rs.500 and Karnataka Rs.1100, while it is Rs.4116 in Telangana.


Under Dalit Bandhu, Telangana offers Rs.10 lakh to each Dalit family, while no such assistance is extended in Congress ruled States.

Interestingly, in a few other areas, posters highlighting how TPCC president A Revanth Reddy abused Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi while he was associated with Telugu Desam Party in the past have also surfaced. Video clips of Revanth Reddy demanding that Sonia Gandhi should be described as “Telangana Bali Devatha” and branding Rahul Gandhi as “Pappu” are being shared widely in social media platforms.


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