MLC Kavitha criticises Congress over its double standards on crucial issues of national concern

BRS MLC K Kavitha criticised the Congress party for the latter’s double standards on crucial issues of national concern. She also questioned the Congress for its repeated failures to deliver on its promises in the past 60 years.

During her visit to Nizamabad on Thursday, Kavitha cited former Congress president Rahul Gandhi‘s criticism of industrialist Gautam Adani during a Ladakh visit and questioned whether such criticism would apply to Rajasthan, where the Congress-led government collaborates with Adani on multiple projects.

The BRS MLC questioned why the Congress party, which makes promises in Telangana, has not implemented them nationwide over the past six decades. She urged the Congress to refrain from misleading the public.

Further, Kavitha advised Congress leaders attending the Congress Working Committee (CWC) meeting to be held in Hyderabad during this weekend to examine Telangana‘s progress. She criticised the Congress for replicating existing BRS government schemes without introducing any innovations.

Kavitha concluded by suggesting that union Minister G Kishan Reddy stage a protest in front of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s residence in Delhi to demand the fulfillment of the BJP-led Central government’s promise of creating two crore jobs annually. She emphasized Telangana’s record of generating more than 35 lakh private sector jobs and over one lakh government jobs.

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