Hyderabad vs Bengaluru debate rages on social media

 It is no secret that Hyderabad has been giving stiff competition to Bengaluru in many sectors, including IT and Aerospace, and in fact, has overtaken the Karnataka capital city on multiple fronts as well. The NASSCOM report on multinational companies preferring Hyderabad to set up their Global Capability Centres (GCCs), further consolidated the scenario, which in fact has been a hot discussion topic on social media of late.

The debate, a quite heated one on X (formerly Twitter) shows that it’s not just corporate companies or agencies that rate Hyderabad as a better destination, but that people from different walks of life as well are giving the City of Pearls a thumbs up over Bengaluru in terms of development, infrastructure, cost of living, law and order and other factors. Interestingly, a majority of those who are appreciating Hyderabad are residents or former residents of Bengaluru and other cities.

Mithilesh Kumar, a Product Leader and resident of Bengaluru observes that the contrast between the two cities is ‘amazing’. Sharing his travel experience to these two cities, Mithilesh Kumar tweeted: “When I first visited Hyderabad in 2014, it had a unique charm – open spaces, a few commercial buildings, narrow roads and limited eateries. Fast forward to 2019, and Hyderabad has already taken significant strides in development…”

“Today, Hyderabad’s progress is nothing short of remarkable. It has catapulted ahead of many major Indian cities in terms of development. The skyline, infrastructure and urbanisation showcase a city on the rise…” he added.

Many point out that In comparison with Hyderabad, Bengaluru was lagging behind on different parameters. In Bengaluru, he said, aside from the Metro, there’s a stagnation in major public infrastructure projects. “Narrow roads, clogged drains and inconsistent road widening projects…” he pointed out.

“The divergence in growth trajectories between Hyderabad and Bengaluru raises vital questions about leadership, vision and public investment. The time for transformation is now and only with concerted efforts can Bengaluru reclaim its status as a thriving city…” Mithilesh Kumar tweeted.

Echoing similar observations, Dr. Sudhir Kumar said that in 2004, he and his family did a ‘case-control’ study before choosing Hyderabad to live. “We stayed for three days each in (May 2004) at Bengaluru and Hyderabad… In 2004, Hyderabad had lesser traffic, roads were good, people were nice and welcoming. The biggest advantage was no imposition of local languages. As Mithilesh ji pointed out, Hyderabad has improved manifold during the past 10 years ago. There are many to mention, but as a fitness enthusiast, I love the dedicated 23 –km long cycling-cum-jogging track, with solar roof the most (no other city in India has that yet)” Dr. Sudhir Kumar tweeted.

Likewise, Shweta Kukreja, a personal branding strategist, tweeted: “Hyderabad is so underrated. It is literally better than Bengaluru. Aesthetics, no traffic, cabs charge decent price, equally beautiful sunsets, skyscrapers, structure and greenery. Yet nobody talk about it enough…”

Adding to this, Sujit Nayak, an electronic hobbyist, tweeted: “Also the Hyderabad Airport has more domestic destinations than Bengaluru airport. At least, I get a direct flight to Jharsuguda airport from Hyderabad airport unlike Bengaluru airport…”

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