Heavy rains in Karimnagar: LMD gates lifted to release water

Karimnagar: In the wake of heavy rains and excess amount of inflows, the floodgates of the Lower Manair Dam were lifted to release water into the river on Tuesday morning. 18,000 cusecs of water was being discharged by lifting 6 flood gates by the project officials.

LMD is getting 52,000 cusecs of inflow including 32,000 cusecs from Mid Manair Dam and 20,000 through the river. 21 tmc of water was available in the project against its storage capacity of 24.034 tmc.

Meanwhile, 6 spillway gates of the Mid Manair Dam were also lifted to release 32,610 cusecs of water downstream. The project is getting 33,000 cusecs of inflow including 3,000 from SRSP and remaining 30,000 through Manair river, Mulavagu and flood flow canal.

20.427 tmc of water is available in the reservoir as against its storage capacity of 27.55 tmc

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