GS Caltex India Launches Kixx Smart Bike Stations in Hyderabad

This Smart Bike Station model will be replicated across India in many cities.

· In the first phase of this ambitious project, GS Caltex India plans to open 25 exclusive service stations & 50 stores in phase 2.

Hyderabad, 13th September 2023: GS Caltex India, a leading name in the automotive lubricants industry, is proud to announce the launch of its flagship service centers, Kixx Smart Bike Stations, at various locations in Hyderabad. With decades of experience, GS Caltex India has consistently delivered top-notch lubricants for various automotive and industrial applications. This strategic initiative marks a significant milestone for GS Caltex India as it reaffirms its commitment to providing unparalleled service excellence to motorcycle enthusiasts in the region

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