Chief Minister Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao directed the officials of the Irrigation Department

Chief Minister Kalwakuntla Chandrasekhar Rao directed the officials of the Irrigation Department to set up an O&M (Operation and Maintenance: Implementation and Maintenance) system for strengthening the irrigation system as irrigation water is constantly flowing to the crop fields of Telangana with the construction of irrigation projects.
He said the highest priority has been given to the irrigation sector in Telangana after the state practice. They want to strengthen all the systems that carry water from the barrages to the last distributary canal and from the rivers to the last strata. The systems should be constantly monitored for all types of structures such as canals, pumps, barrage gates, reservoirs etc. Irrigation should be properly maintained while resolving the problems that may arise immediately. The CM said that free time should be utilized between the two crops for repairs. The CM explained that the Irrigation Department should be strengthened along with the Irrigation Department as well as the Irrigation Department Management Department.
The third day high-level review meeting on the integration of Palamuru Kalvakurthi Jura and the expansion of structures was held by CM KCR at Pragati Bhavan on Wednesday.
Speaking on the occasion, the CM said, “Irrigation is drinking water but the Irrigation Department has become a nickname for irrigation. Today, the Irrigation Department has become a lifeline for Telangana. Irrigation projects in the joint state and the canals affair went on as if it was the Andhra state affair. But today the situation in Telangana has changed completely. In this Yasangi alone, Telangana cultivates over 52 lakh acres and is number one in the country in terms of rice crop. The neighboring state, which has underestimated us as not having a crop, is in third place to give. From this we can understand how vibrant the irrigation sector in Telangana is. Such an extensive network is unprecedented. In the Commonwealth our engineers were not so much aware, but now that need has increased. Every lower level engineer also needs more command over the irrigation system, ”said the CM.
In this context, the work of the Irrigation Department needs to be further divided. Meetings should be held frequently. We need to set up workshops. We need to increase our orientation. What is O&M? The CM said that what is its scope and what are its duty policies should be made available to the superior engineers by the superiors. Let’s appoint special officers for O&M .. Let’s allocate special funds for it .. said. The government of every irrigation canal is like a mirror without scorpion litter.
He said that as agriculture was the first priority for Telangana, he had set up available funds at the engineers to pave a way for maintenance. Thus, the irrigation sector in Telangana will become the strongest for decades. He said his intention was to prevent irrigation problems for Telangana farmers from any angle, even in the future.
Part of this is to make a comprehensive chart of all the barrages, gates, pumps, canals, their length and so on. He said that while spending lakhs of crores on projects, one should be aware of the need to keep them alive with constant vigilance.
The CM said that the key to the Essareppe in the past is the qualitative development of today’s Essareppe. A total of 16 lakh acres are being irrigated. He said that Kaleswaram is fully irrigated today and the Palamur Kalvakurthi Jura will be fully operational soon. Reservoirs will be expanded with irrigation canals across Telangana in the coming days. The CM explained that along with this, the responsibilities for the irrigation sector will also increase.
CEs in Hyderabad to conduct workshops at SE level. In order to train engineers working in the field, it is suggested that good speakers be identified and trained. He told the officials that while working in the Irrigation Department, it is your supreme responsibility to irrigate millions of acres. In this order it was suggested that pumps motors should carry out O&M (execution and maintenance) activities without dividing the gates projects on one side and gates canals on the other. The CM said he would one day attend the training program himself. As Telangana is at the highest level of the sea level, it is inevitable to lift it with pumps for irrigation and its management will increase further in the coming days, the CM said.

The CM has been exercising for a long time in connection with the operation to link the Palamur uplifts to the Kalvakurthi jurassic. On the digital screen the contour points corresponding to the height at which the reservoirs for the palm oil outcrops are to be constructed and the canals to carry water from them are identified. Thus the methods of moving water by gravity to most acres were discussed with the superiors. The CM, who examined every inch, directed the authorities to provide irrigated drinking water to the constituencies in the Rangareddy joint districts adjoining the entire Palamuru joint district through the integration of PLLA and KLLA.
The routes identified the routes of the main and distributary canals that carry water from the Karivena Reservoir to the Jurassic. Kodangala from Uddandapur


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