‘Can’t thrive in this chaos’: Netizens react to video of women jostling for space in Mumbai local train

Mumbai local train is the lifeline of the mega Indian city but the safety of it is always debatable. Videos have recently emerged on X (formerly Twitter) showing women jostling for space in the train and standing perilously close to the door of the train.

Tansu Yegen, who posts videos that go viral on X, recently posted a video of women standing dangerously close to the door of the moving train and risking a fall any moment. He captioned his post, “Mumbai local train: Thriving chaos.” This started a debate on X with many saying romanticising a potentially dangerous mode of travel is not the way to go.

“People love to use nice words like thriving when they don’t have to be part of the chaos,” said an X user.

Another X user named Akshay Katariyaa also recently posted a video on the social media platform where women are pushing against each other to enter an empty Mumbai local train coach to get a seat. One passenger could be even seen falling at the door of the train.

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